We develop ingredients with advanced technology, contributing to the utilization of nutrients like never before in the history of mankind

Thanks to our advanced technology, we produce innovative ingredients of high nutritional quality for governmental, business, nutraceutical, dairy, ice cream, pastries, baked goods, snacks, drinks, meat, sauces, dips and sweets industries.

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Achievements and evidence of a real food revolution:

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  • ALSEC - For a world free of obesity

    For a world free of obesity

    The number of obese children and adolescents in the world has increased x 10 in the last four decades

    2.8 million People die a year in the world because of obesity (Pandemic declared by WHO).

    In ALSEC we develop ingredients that help reduce the fat content in food.

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  • ALSEC - For a world without food waste

    For a world without food waste

    In the world Throw away 1.300 million tons of food year; 1/3 of the foods intended for human consumption they are wasted.

    Our products Social Innovation reduce food waste Taking advantage of peak production of fruits and vegetables, and food waste in production processes and / or logistics otherwise they are lost.

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  • ALSEC - For a world that optimizes natural resources

    For a world that optimizes natural resources

    Colombia is the country with the highest biodiversity per square meter in the world, in contrast, one of the most unequal in terms of quality of life of its inhabitants.

    Of 300,000 types of plants that are in the ecosystem, in our food system only advantage between 15 and 20.

    ALSEC With his team I + D investigates the possible applications of a broad spectrum of plants to develop novel ingredients with high nutritional value.

  • ALSEC - For a world that feeds healthily

    For a world that feeds healthily

    In addition to the great problems of obesity, in contrast, malnutrition in the world, 8.8 million people die from cancer per year as a result of many possible causes, including; A bad diet.

    In ALSEC we develop safe ingredients, meeting the highest standards of quality; free of preservatives, chemicals or other synthetic substances challenged by the FDA and the European Community, which may be detrimental to health.

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  • ALSEC - For a world where nutrients are for all

    For a world where nutrients are for all

    1 in 8 people do not get the nutrients needed for optimal development of life.

    Aware of this worrying situation, we set ALSEC bring all our expertise and knowledge to develop a Social Innovation model that may help mitigate this problem to generate greater access to food and nutritional greater equity for all inhabitants of this planet.

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